1. Quizzic Alley

    Quizzic Alley Customer Case Study


    If you’re looking to begin your Harry Potter Jewellery and Accessories collection, it’s best to know how the best selling opportunities can be achieved.


    Our customer in Australia, Quizzic Alley has had success with The Carat Shop’s range for a few years now and has a vast collection of the Harry Potter Jewellery and Accessories on offer.


    We asked them about the shop and how their journey began- “Our journey began over three years ago as the love child of our two owners Penni and Michael. Quizzic Alley now has two stores in Canberra and Sydney Australia. We are a magically captivating store specialising in licensed Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts products.”


    Quizzic Alley have been stocking The Carat Shop’s Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts collections since September 2018 with the most popular demographic for the collection being “female 8–60-year-old

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  2. Protecting the environment at The Carat Shop



    Here at The Carat Shop (we, our), our ultimate goal, is to ensure we are working in the most ethical and responsible way possible, in all aspect of our business. With these principals at the forefront of our decision-making process, we have taken the approach to reduce the impact our business has on the environment.


    Much progress has been made in the development of sustainable packaging materials and we have been exploring alternative products in line with the above.


    The re design of gift boxes to use, where possible, card sourced from FSC- certified card products, slimmer box designs and mat finish on printing (instead of gloss lamination to reduce plastic use).



    What does FSC- Certified mean?


    • Zero Deforestation-
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  3. Stocking Sterling Silver Jewellery


    Stocking sterling silver jewellery

    Our sterling silver Harry Potter jewellery collection is perhaps the ultimate gift for any Harry Potter fan. Designed in our in-House Studio these pieces are unique, and if displayed well will have Harry fans flocking to your store or website.

    Keeping stock and displays in their best condition is perhaps the most important thing you can do to encourage sales. Regular cleaning of your displays will mean they are sparkling when a customer comes looking for that special item.

    With this in mind, we have gathered some magical advice below

     Rotate stock and keep window displays fresh.


     Keep the displays looking good by using either a polishing cloth or jewellery cleaning solution regularly.


     Our sterling silver jewellery starter pack has

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  4. Easter preparation

    Like all of us, even wizards need time off for fun and rest. Harry Potter and friends were no different, and celebrated Easter as a holiday at Hogwarts with a break from lessons, or went home to see their family. But before they broke up for the holidays, they made sure they had stocked up on sweets and delicious treats bought in the Honeydukes sweet shop. This included the delicious (or not so delicious!) Bertie Botts Jellybeans, jelly slugs and Chocolate frogs, (if you could catch them).

    Make sure you are prepared this Easter and stock up on our Chocolate frog Jewellery collection for those customers who are avoiding chocolate this year or just want a different type of gift. This collection is such a popular one with muggles and wizards alike.

    Orders are dispatched the next working day and UK minimum order is £100.00

    For sweet lovers we

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  5. Advent Calendar 2021

    The Carat Shop Advent Calendar 2021


    The Carat Shop are pleased to announce the much-anticipated new 2021 Harry Potter Keepsake Advent Calendar. Filled with a selection of Jewellery and Accessories from our current collection and one exclusive charm, making it a Christmas must have for collectors and fans.


    This new design has a sliding drawer and a top compartment containing 24 individual boxes each numbered to be opened in the lead up to Christmas, with full sized products from our Harry Potter range inside. Once opened it can be kept and used as a jewellery box or for safe keeping treasures.


    Advent calendars containing gifts have become a proven must have in the run up to Christmas and have become the new tradition of the season. With the combined individual products totalling at a value of over £120, the £60 RRP is great value and appeal for consumers, especially when receiving a product that can be used f

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  6. The Carat Shop Trade Website Launch

    New Trade Website Launch for 2021 from The Carat Shop

    The Carat Shop are incredibly pleased to announce a brand-new trade website which we have launched to make the buying experience a more streamlined and interactive experience.

    Existing customers will have their accounts transferred automatically to the new site. And new customers can easily apply for an account using the button on the home page

    We appreciate that ordering online is the most convenient way for our customers to place orders and we wanted to make the experience as easy and smooth as possible

    Key Features and Benefits of ordering from the new Carat Shop trade website

    Once customers are logged into their account, they will find a simplified navigation bar at the top of the screen, giving easy access to some new features which include order tracking, previous orders, payment methods, and all account information

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